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ETER data for 2020 are now available online. With this release, ETER provides longitudinal data for the whole period 2011-2020; this allows examining changes over time in European higher education.


June 21: Policymaker session

Academic Personnel at European Universities: RISIS-ETER Policymaker session on gender equity and career structures in higher education institutions


June 14th 10:00 AM 

ETER User training Clean and Prepare Data for Analysis with R with Daniel Wagner-Schuster.

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Indicators on EU Framework Programmes project participation and coordination, industrial collaboration in EU-FP and researchers’ mobility and training cooperation supported by the EU-FP have now been included in ETE

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ETER Country Reports

ETER Country Reports describe the structure of the respective national higher education system, focusing on the institutional types as defined by national categories. A total of 32 country reports is now available.     


Research Seminar

Joint ETER-RISIS research seminar on multilevel analysis on the effect of institutional autonomy on higher education effectiveness in Europe presented by Patrick Painsi

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